Katy Allen, Brand Ambassador

Katy Long was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where she spent her early childhood before moving to Atlanta, Georgia, when she was 11. Katy grew up with a love of art and travel instilled by her mother and was fortunate to have spent time in England and France during her younger years. After graduating Harvard with a degree in Economics and a citation in Chinese, Katy forged a decade-long career in foreign exchange sales in New York City, earning the title of Executive Director in her last year at UBS.

After falling in love with wine during a two-week trip to Napa in 2008, Katy took the Foundation Course and Viti1 at the American Sommelier Academy in New York City and started making annual trips to Napa to further discover the wine business. Katy brings her passion for the wine industry to Carte Blanche as Brand Ambassador with her fiancé, Andrew Allen. She will help spread the Carte Blanche Wine word while continuing her wine education.